Saturday, April 19, 2014

T V pundits and all media personnel including the journalists are patterned after criticism and criticizing of everyone and everything. Why not change that way of thinking and that way of public service to something positive and more constructive than how it is practiced presently?
There is yet another approach which begins by recounting all the good that has been accomplished so far and charting the way forward listing all that needs to be done and who is where on that list? Such a tradition will change the climate and the atmosphere for all the media where journalists will not be attacked as the interlopers or as foreign spies and venerated for their service to humanity. The assumption that only the bad news and the sensationalism sells might be proven wrong and the new way might bring about trust among all and the rest; knowing full well, we are all free to choose what to do with our time/energy and without alleging it is anyone else's fault that one's choices are somehow limited and that anyone is a victim.
In this scenario, politics will not be a smoke filled back-room art but would be an open and accessible science. We would not need a platform or a leadership to campaign for one cause or the other. Everyone has the transparency to know what needs to be done and the when, becomes just a matter of an individual's will to carry them out. It is only through such openness and freedom can we expect to overcome the tyranny of small mindedness that humanity is capable of. Journalists can write about all the good choices made by the many and perhaps a few missed opportunities and speculate on what might have caused such misses with suggestions on how those few could have been averted. Such a media could greatly improve the confidence in the democratic system and might lead to an enlightened humanity that is not afraid to learn and change its culture of small mindedness though a process rather than the mechanism of mere admonitions to change, practiced hitherto over the centuries.
The aspirations for the machine learning and the AI can be moved along on their path to success by the all and not just the few technocrats that get paid so well that all the rest are relegated to a slower speed economy. This new culture of the media might even bring about that much desired equality that seems to have eluded the most powerful in spite of their declared wars to prevent it.  

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Future of Humanity

Future of the humanity is in the understanding of nature and learning to design its institutions to serve those very same needs concurrently. Human needs are not different from all the rest. Humanity and nature are one. Both exist to serve each other. Sooner this principle is understood and applied faster will be the development, the organization and the management of the humanity.
There are no paradoxes, anomalies or contradictions either in the nature or in the selves. When there appears to be one or as many as a group of people care to   suggest; it necessitates efforts to unravel those difficulties to find the explanations necessary to understand the systems and processes involved to clear away such limitations. The reasoning efforts might be complex and necessitate a cross-disciplinary approach to successfully scale the chasm. When those efforts succeed, which is a given, then, humanity will identify itself closer to nature than just before.
During the 20th century it was felt that the discipline of quantum mechanics and the classical physics were at odds and both sides felt comfort in the human endeavor of theology to argue their cases.  Similar contradictions have been perceived throughout the history of mankind during the dark-age, middle-age and the renaissance periods. However, human reasoning and the multi-disciplinary approaches have unraveled many of the mysteries to help humanity get closer to nature and its sustaining force (truth). Similar events and experiences are likely to come about many times hence. Nature exists solely to provide everything necessary for the humanity to thrive and to do so in a synchronized (civilized/savagery) manner. Humanity needs only to observe reason and indulge, to thrive. There is neither an alternative (digital/analog) nor a better way (collective/individual). On occasions humanity might be at the cross-roads and several options may appear equally valid only to reason and conclude otherwise. Such is the freedom in nature to err and stumble but very necessary for the concurrent universes to serve their purposes.  It won’t be long before humanity learns to inculcate such freedom in its own designs, architectures and developmental activities to ensure their success. When that happens intuitively humanity would have reached a mile-stone of its own and attained a higher-level of understanding of its own missions[1].
Such freedom-granting (gradual/abrupt) will enable humanity to tame-away many of its vexing problems such as the poverty, the lack of education and the limitations of resources it often perceives, while none exists in reality. It is unnatural to think and believe that these vexations are put in place intentionally by higher powers to frustrate humanity to learn lessons from or even to suggest that nature is against man-kind, when none such motives are enshrined in nature. Life and humanity are likely to persist even after any and all annihilation however destructive. Such is the course, the meaning and the existence of the nature.

Lest we understand this cohesiveness of the nature, our languages- of- reason are likely to be fragmenting and fragmented. It is to overcome this bias (gradient) that we need to train our intuitions to be concurrent with the multi-universes of existence.  Our individual-selves and our collective-whole are but the two-sides of the same coin, thus remaining undistinguishable. In similar vein, our past, the present and the future are the relationships of those very same entities in perpetuity. Often it is felt and argued that one is superior to the other or one has to give-in or stand-in for the rest. It is the circumstances and the climate that determine the right choices not unlike while navigating on a body of water such as an ocean or a river, when a sail, an oar or a more complex motor the correct choice.  All choices however and whenever made are what the nature intended given the entities involved and the circumstances accounted for. It is unnecessary to second guess and/or to reiterate.  This is not to say teaching, learning and improvements are unnecessary activities but add-on a mechanism of systematic (mathematical) execution of choices that respect relationship matrices of multi-verses.
A quantum-leap of human co-operation is likely be the outcome if we can formalize this understanding in the management of the egos (selves) and the non-egos (non-selves) and at the same time incorporating the necessary freedoms (sacrifice/renunciation) of nature in all of the relationships of both the biological and the non-biological kinds.     
The non-biological universes of the financial and the monetary systems of the humanity may inculcate the freedoms of nature using the collectivisms[2] and the individualisms as appropriate choices to perceive the harmony of their architecture and the design to deliver the exchanges conveniently and with less stresses of transitions.
It is the management of these processes that can prove the full realization of human-potentials to every societal-member to avoid their alienation. If the human architectures of smart-technologies (concurrent awareness of the self and the rest) do not lead us to this outcome then our understanding alone would need further improvements and nothing else of the nature will suffice to avoid discontinuities. The goal of smart-technologies ought to simply life to such an extent that the economic assertion of “no-free-lunch” is practiced without human deprivation and no constraint to their natural-freedoms.  A frame-work /model of societal systems and processes that can simulate the effect of various individual-choices to enable all societal-members learn and understand their individual roles and their impact on the collective could expedite the development of societal-awareness.
 We have a choice: Be Healthy and Make the best use of our lives or await a better one when we move  

[1] For example, the need to govern while providing a voice to all the members of a society, nation or the global-citizenry as an objective of such a mission.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Tower of Babel or Worthwhile enterprise?

Equity and Justice for all                             

It seems almost half of the humanity practices love and charity while the other-half reaps or harvests  its benefits without an accounting of any kind, lacking even an acknowledgment, let alone, an  expression of  gratitude towards the charitable ones for all of those benefits. Is this moral, ethical, just or even plain and simple fairness? If a political entity were to exercise power to correct this anomaly, where would it begin? What will its arguments be? How will it exercise its power? What ought to be the outcome of this exercise of power? How will the processes of change be conceived, communicated and managed?
Humanity has been at this mission and vision throughout its presence on this planet earth and at the beginning of the second decade of this 21st century does not even have a clue as to what to do, let alone how to do it. The philosophers and the thinkers throughout the human history have attempted to formulate thoughts, systems and organizations only to find them inadequate. Is there a rational explanation as to why humanity has failed? Will the future be any different? If yes –why would that be?
Optimists, pessimists, realists may view the future in their own way. How can we know who is likely to be correct? Do we even know how to measure change, if any, and conclude one way or another?
Humanity created religion, monetary system and many such tools to help measure what is equitable and fair and inculcate values to ensure the disparity between the two halves are eliminated. However, all accounts indicate the gulf is real and ever-widening, an alarming 99% to 1% tilt– especially when measured in rewards of ownerships and power in favor of the harvesters; prompting to the fear that the future is desperate for the entire humanity. Should we continue these systems that have failed? Or is it time to try new approaches? What might be those new approaches?
My own thinking is that humanity has not yet failed and instead has succeeded, though lot more needs to be done. In order to perceive these improvements and to sustain them into the future we need to constantly miniaturize all our approaches and package them for an individual-use with ease and convenience that bring wisdom to the point of use.  Technologies such the GPS (global positioning systems) enable us to apply knowledge, wisdom and collective labor at the point of use, conveniently. The sociology of events similarly has to be organized and made usable, effort-free, to help the values to be realized where they impact. Technologies that can deliver this notion will get humanity to its mission/vision. The recursive nature of applying the values at every instance- of- events without having to know and remember them all; is the only way to augment the results of this existential -cause. Deriding humanity for its limitations and failures, seeking punishments to individuals for any number of their shortcomings either through gods or political entities, for such mishaps; has apparently not made things any better-in terms of justice for all, because those institutions get corrupted, it is surmised; and perpetuate the status quo.   

Should we, instead, socialize these intuitive awareness- of- unease and start developing technologies that will de-stress humanity from its anxieties ; communicate humanity’s goodness and values to those that are at a seeming disadvantage, to avoid discontent, to avoid revolutions and/or to avoid misadventures of various kinds? Measurement, management and redistribution of power by the empowerment of individuals  through silent-offices for each, might not only convince humanity of its existential-potential but also its reality for each and every member of the human-society; past, present and future and thus be a smarter, balanced and well-aware humanity. 

How could we empower all of the members of the human community? The way humanity has been doing this is by education, jobs and providing income to each individual by converting their labor (physical, intellectual and spiritual) into goods and services. Are there no other ways? Or should we continue in that same path and extend it to many other non-monetized services such as the house-work for example, done mostly by women; to give more income and more self-sufficiency? Could we concurrently opt to have every- one empowered to plan, develop and execute whatever they like to do by having access to all of the needed resources- including education- without any questions asked? Will humans take advantage of those free resources to improve their own and the other’s lot or will they fritter them away in unsuccessful efforts? Will they be lazy and live-off of the others, as we believe is what is happening presently; as mentioned in the opening paragraph?  It is apparent that individuals are the ones most capable of judging their actions and determining what is the right thing to do in various stages and situations of their individual-lives. However, leaving them by themselves, to do this alone in a vacuum has not been as effective; since the resources and the capabilities vary among the individuals and does it not take all the rest working as a single- organism to make anything happen, anyways?

Is smarter humanity design able, create able and manageable? Or is that yet another tower of Babel?
To conclude, it seems failure to understand and use the hidden resources and being alienated might be the causes of human anxieties. The cure might be just having access to what-ever is needed with greater convenience.  Can humanity rise to this occasion to save it-self as the Jaredites of the Book of Mormon?           

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Practicable Spirituality

                    Sociology of events                                                                                                                                                     
Events[1] and their duration are the equivalents of mathematical transformations. When they occur within a biological system it is said to be an awakening of awareness. The intuitive responses are akin to minor transformations while conscious or explicit acknowledgement of changes originates from the external sociological transformations.
The post renaissance humanity is in need of a morph able societal (mathematical) framework that is seamless.  
    Non-biological products/services need to be normalized to align them for bio-logical conformance and acceptance. Without such a frame-of-reference conflicts such as the one outlined in every newspaper around the world everyday are unavoidable. The sooner the humanity develops such a mathematical-frame-work, faster and cheaper will be our processes of resolution and settlement. Such a mathematical-framework would enable humanity to communicate and get-along well, irrespective of where any-member of the humanity is situated. Peace and justice will prevail to eternity. Building such an infrastructure of a mathematical-framework will help standardize many other related processes of human survival and can propel humanity into a golden-age of multiple renaissances, concurrently and help channel the energies of humanity into constructive endeavors. If humanity can build an international space-station, building a mathematical-framework-of-reference, is not an impossibility given our intellectual-achievements so far in this 21st century.
In order for everyone to be a leader, we need to practice time-technology (T-squared), in addition to the present-day Information-Technology (IT). We need a radically improved infrastructure to practice concurrent management of all resources, individually as well as collectively. Our sequential processes need better synchronization at many, if not all, levels of interaction between the bio and the non-bio universes. If we do not embark on building and using a time-technology infrastructure; now, at this opportune moment in human civilization; then, humanity may never attain its full potential of giving every newborn its right to be free from want and enjoy life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Morph able Financial Instruments

Democratization[1] of the economic units of currencies of the global financial systems

Units of currencies are representations of good faith in helping humanity value the variables that make-up a transaction of exchange. The monetization of any and all variables of a transaction enables commerce between individuals and entities thus making it possible to co-exist in parallel universes of immense complexities. Markets of exchanges formalize the valuations for several units of durations and smooth out transitions by removing uncertainty. Valuation and its representation, thus, are concurrently individual, institutional and systemic. Uncertainties of various kinds both explicit and implicit similarly occur at all three levels concurrently. Management of these processes essentially leads humanity to cooperate with one another and live in harmony. Mathematics plays a central role in devising both the processes and their management. Socialization, then, is purely mathematical for infinite universes.               
Units of currencies, be they of nations, games, regions or any other demarcation, ought to manage the goals of socialization. If the processes or their management lacks transparency, consistency or violates mathematical coherence then socialization is at risk of collapse. Be the society a bee-hive or humanity mathematical rigor and cohesiveness determines its viability. Anything mathematical is computational and hence machines can aide in the construction, organization and maintenance of sociology. Is it any wonder, then, nature is mathematical?
Lest we get tired of life due to its burdens, humanity ought to bring joy to its presence by automating its commerce and making its management routine and unobtrusive. Currencies, if needed at all, can be digital and morph able to suite a time, a place, an age, a group or any other set. The supply of currencies could be varied at will to accommodate any transaction at hand at any level. The only consideration is the minimization or elimination of social-stress. Could not the meaning of life be summarized as happiness in this scenario?        
I believe this century has the potential to achieve this meaning[2].

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Asymptotic Languages

Notational Asymmetry in the Theological Universe 

Theology is an all pervading endeavor of the humanities. In view of its omnipresence in all aspects of the
humanities many writings exist throughout the human history in all cultures, nationalities and civilizations. In view of this extensive influence on human development through many millennial notations have come into vogue as these practitioners have labored to perfect their knowledge to render many services for the well being of mankind. Since, no comprehensive compilation of every endeavor exists for review and systematization; it is likely that similar words, symbols and notations convey different meanings to different people of various groups. While it may not be possible to explore all of these in this attempt to show the necessity for periodic review, organization and calibration, at least a tone to could be set for such an effort.

Life and humanity need constant updating and synchronization in several dimensions to remain oriented. Mental capacity to monitor and update these orientations would necessitate several resources and capabilities. Few of these are in-built while many are sublimed and unconscious. However, societal processes need to be designed, built and operated to provide friction-less functioning of several if not all societal-institutions. Religion to remain relevant especially needs dedicated mechanisms to ensure meaning to its vocabulary. If the vernacular of the followers is out-of-sync with the vocabulary of the theologians then the resulting disconnect leads humanity astray to seek science with the hope of achieving the missing sense.

A good example of the forgoing is felt at the advent of the second decade of this 21st century. Popular musical comedy, “The Book of Mormon” and the failure of "cult" leaders of the Mormon Church to get
elected to public office to run the US executive branch are the outcome of such a dissonance.

Ancient religions such as the Hinduism which has become a very specialized field of study requiring guru’s to explain the context and meanings, that the humanity has to fend for itself to stay organized, survive all without an existential life-line of stewardship.

Is there a way out of this perennial quest to remain connected generation after generation? Perhaps, science and technology can solve these issues using satellites and communication systems more affordable than what biological humanity can do with its individual educational systems, which take years to develop, implement and maintain and not at all affordable by the majority. Even when they work, they are too slow to keep-up with the needs of the hour not unlike the rain that never arrives when needed or the sun shine that is too strong in some places and not enough elsewhere.

Management of this synchronicity is very basic and essential for humanity to cope with the challenges that lay ahead. It is up to the intelligent ones to take-up these causes and make sure poverty, ill-health and social issues are prevented in a timely manner by creating permanent infrastructures of knowledge that change, adapt and remain meaningful without intervention just as the natural world in which humans habit-ate.

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Monday, October 03, 2011

Permanent Infrastructure of working-knowledge

I believe humanity can ill afford the waste associated with the perishable nature of its human resources that take with them all that is invested in them by their societies, communities, families and businesses. The concept of insurance,only restores the monetary value of the assets but does nothing to replace the lost opportunity costs. Hence humanity needs a permanent infrastructure of working-knowledge that can survive any and all disasters and keep-on providing returns on all the investments made throughout the human history. Is it possible to build such an infrastructure? How much will it cost? Do we have the resources to do so? It is surprisingly simple to do so. Watch this video and then click on the links provided there-in to get more information.